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Corona Virus (COVID-19) In Indian Country USA

The Center for World Indigenous Studies is coordinating, planning and organizing support for tribal and urban Indian communities that now face the wave of coronavirus infections across the United States. CWIS is taking action to prevent and reduce the dangerous effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Indian Country. CWIS is working with a task force of experts to gather information (research), develop policy analysis and provide recommendations for a program of action congruent with the specific needs of diverse communities.

Indian Country USA at Risk


In March 2020 the level of infection and risk of infection in Tribal and Urban Indian communities suddenly increased. The infections grew quickly from 1 infection in and around a tribal community to many more where the Navajo Nation alone documented as many as 240 infected persons and 11 who died by 6 April 2020.

The map below illustrates the areas that have experienced at least one infection and the red dots indicate actual reservation areas where the risk of infection suddenly grew to larger numbers. Indian Country in remote areas and in the Urban Indian communities is now very much enveloped in the COVID-19 epidemic.


Map updated to April 17, 2020